Aldabri 99 is registered with the Department of Social Development as an accredited NGO and pursues the following objectives

❖To support, nurture and encourage community-based organisation which are both capable and show the commitment to carry out community services compatible with 
the ethos.

❖ to channel funds to designated groups, which have been identified as implementing critical poverty alleviation strategies, including but not limited to the following:

✐Drug and Alcohol abuse prevention programme 
✐Economic Development Initiatives (Tourism Corridor & SMME Development)
✐Community Leadership Development 
✐Youth Development 
✐ Micro enterprises/job creation strategies 

❖ to distribute the income derived from our endowed funds to achieve community and 

❖ donor (corporate or individual) social responsibility objectives to evaluate our programmes at regular intervals and share results with our donors, 

❖ stakeholders and members of the community to carry out relevant research