Aldabri 99 was established in 2015 as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) not-for-profit. Its primary focus is community development and capacity building. It engages this mandate through a number of community based programmes including assisting other NGOs to access government, private sector and donor agency support both through capacity building, skills development and training as well as facilitating funding through grants, fundraising and other means of leveraging financial support in order to enhance financial sustainability of community development initiatives. Aldabri is committed to raising awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) and its widespread impact on South Africa; particular how it affects women and girls). In line with one of Aldabri’s core mandates, we seek to build capacity in our own organisation as well as other NGOs in our network ranging from women’s empowerment projects, skills development and conflict resolution as some focus areas mitigating the related personal and social risks arising from GBV. Gender based violence manifests in many forms including Rape, Sexual Assault, Physical Assault, Forced Marriage, Denial of Resources Opportunities or Services, and Psychological / Emotional Abuse. We not only afford access to counselling in all areas of our operation but make provision or cooperate with other NGOs that offer comprehensive support to victims of GBV. Addressing gender inequalities is vital in a country like South Africa, many women still have no say in decisions that impact them and economic opportunities remain limited. For this reason we focus on narrowing the gender gap between male and female through empowerment in education, health, and protection and labour.